They are on their way…

She’s ecited – he doesn’t look too sure about this!Dad and Glady are traveling to the land of daffodils… quite a change from our snowbanks!

Dad and Glady left this afternoon to spend some time in Wales with Nana and BoPop and Aunt Pam. They will be home on the 19th, so I will be without my little girl for more than two weeks… She has been sooooo excited the last couple of days she could hardly sit still. Poor Phil has been worrying about this trip since we first started planning it with the grandparents. She has a camera and a journal and some homework along, so in addition to all the traveling they plan to do she will be too busy to be homesick. I believe they plan to take her to Strafford-On-Avon, where Shakespeare lived; and Stonehenge, amongst others!

So far her sisters and brother seem not to have noticed – besides a lot of hugging and kissing goodbye this morning. It felt strange to make dinner for only three little people to me, though.