They grow up too quickly

Phil and I had a rare opportunity today – to spend most of the day with Glady. Nana and BoPop took the two younger girls up to visit Uncle Austin and Aunt Bobbie, so it was just the four of us. Johann has been feeling a little under the weather, so he napped from noon until 4. Phil and I taught Glady how to play Risk – and for her first time she did an excellent job! How cool to finally have a child how can and does share our joys. She only whined once, and took great delight in teaming up with her Papa to “dominate Mama! ha’ha’!”

Then we watched a little bit more of Fiddler on the Roof. Around here we almost never watch a movie from start to finish – it’s always in thirty minute or so chunks. We watched the sad parts – where Huddle leaves home and Havalah runs away. It amazes me how much this movie has changed for me since having children. I think the last time I watched the movie itself (we listen to the music from it all the time) was before we had any children. Phil and I now associate ourselves much more with Tevya and Golda than we used to. I know I used to be most empathetic to Tseitel… Now it is the scenes of the daughters growing up and away that had both of us weeping. Glady didn’t get the anti-Jewish scenes, so that required a history lesson, too.

Glady made dinner for us – Phil left for his gig, so it’s just three here and seeming awfully quiet! – she made Toad-in-the-Hole. It smells wonderful, so I will go and hang out with my eldest and youngest and enjoy this quiet time with them.