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Thinking out Loud

I think a lot. Recently, it’s been about life, more than the creative writing side of my brain, because I’m still in a transitional stage. I do plan to write about 2000 words today, however, because I need to kickstart the writing side of my brain. Last night we were talking about something, and I was reminded that I have so many stories I want to tell. But if I don’t hurry up and write them down, they will be gone. That’s how my brain works. If I write it out in an outline form, just to quickly capture an idea before it slips away, I can’t write the story. It’s like the completion of it, in however sketchy a format, satisfies my storyteller urge, and it evaporates.

Of course, I also have to worry about work, and my family, and the housework… it’s never-ending, and a lot more pressing than my writing down flights of fancy. Today I talk to a college again, hoping to get a favorable answer to my questions, and when classes start this fall again my whole dynamic changes yet again. So I have the summer to write stories.

In Pixie Noir, I have hit another slow point in the action, which is, I think, why I have stalled out on it. I have Lom watching over Bella as she absorbs a whole library, magically, and he’s bored out of his mind. Did I mention they are stuck on a ferry for three days? I think maybe I should skip ahead to when Bella regains her grasp of reality, and the shenanigans are beginning again. I have writing ADD, maybe… but I still think if I’m bored with it, the reader will be, too.

And now breakfast is being made for me, so I shall go and talk sweetly to the maker, since I appreciate his efforts very much.

Cedar Sanderson's Vulcan's Kittens
The nifty hat, which inspired a story about a Mad Librarian, yet another tale I’d like to write down this summer…