Thursday thoughts

Here is one of the lovely headshots our friend Christie did for Phil and I last month. We are wearing our Naswa costume – which we refer to as the “Island Phil” look. I still wear glasses – they just make a lot of glare in photos.
Pippa is singing in the kitchen… “Three little cuppies, all in a row, one fell down and now there’s two… chocolate milky yummy in your tummy, and it’s good for you too!” to the tune of Five Little Monkeys. She has definitely inherited Phil’s knack for making up songs on the spur of the moment.

They finally got their room clean… it is vacation week so they have been in it a lot more, with brief forays out into the winter wonderland we live in. More snow predicted for tonight! And now I plan to reward the girls with a Barbie movie.

Our friend Mo the Clown (also known as Mo Fun) came over to play yesterday. We had a good Jam. We played with making faces out of a blossom – Phil made a great one that looked like a muppet. Mo taught us his motorcycle – it is an improvement on the one Phil knew already. Since Phil will be playing at the Naz Bar during Bike Week, he needed a good one. We are still working out costuming for that event. And a better name for the character than “Biker Phil”. So much to do – so little time!

We did write and pull together a really great Easter Magic Show together. That was fun. He’s off at a daycare this morning doing it – and Leap Magic, too.

Oh, and in my last post, I didn’t identify the large snowy lump… That is our 8 passenger van in the driveway! Completely covered! It isn’t running right now, so all it has done is collect snow all winter.