Whiteboard lists
The author in front of her list of projects in process… never done!

So, nothing exciting, and I suspect most if not all of you know how to do this already. I’m not – quite – down to scheduling every 15 minute slot this week, but it’s getting close.

In order to keep everything on track, I’m using a combination of google calendar, to which I have three calendars synced right now. My personal one, the business  appointments, and school. For me this tool is invaluable, as it allows me to have a calendar on my computer, phone, and tablet wherever I am. I’ll often put addresses and notes in my events so I can open them from my phone while on the road. I do also have a big calendar, the kind with plenty of writing space, on the office wall. This one isn’t so much for me, as it is for my partner, so he has an idea of what’s going on. I printed my school weekly schedule and stuck it on the wall under the big calendar.

Every few days, I stop and look at the upcoming week-or-so. I did that last night, looking at homework, the very busy weekend, and knowing that I needed to plan ahead to get everything done in a timely fashion. I likely won’t have much time for homework this weekend, and knowing I have a chapter of Chemistry due Monday, I’m doubling up on my usual daily work to get it done.

Somewhere in there, I need to update my website for the business again, send out these nifty postcards I had printed for book promotion to local libraries, and contemplate what, if anything, can be done to promote Trickster Noir’s release.

I don’t always manage to keep track of everything. But between email – I often email reminders and assignments to myself so I can find them again – a to-do list  (I use the android app Tasks To Go) that syncs across all platforms, and the hard copy lists on my whiteboard, I usually stay on top of it. This blog gets the short end of the stick, as it were. Some days of the week I have scheduled, or a plan from which I’m working, but others – like today and tomorrow, you get whatever falls out of my head.

Which is going to be shorter even than usual, I have precalculus homework that is due tomorrow, which I must work on this morning, as this afternoon I have Spanish homework, and somewhere in there I must do some Chemistry, and read for Epidemiology. Now, that will be an interesting class this week. We’ll be spending the better part of three hours talking about anti-vaccination.

Speaking of reading, I have two library books to read and get back! Eeep! Um… maybe around gigs this weekend. Maybe…