It’s only a leaf. It was only a few moments, in the shade. It was only a short wait. It was only a pen, and paper, and the delicate fernlike leaf of the Daucus carota and inspiration… 

And then it was unfinished. 



In favor of the company of love. 

And now it will always be a reminder. 

Of a leaf, and a walk, and companionship. 

Such joys should never be finished. 



7 responses to “Unfinished”

  1. Draven Avatar


    i came over to see what the post was

    now i’m gonna leaf.

    1. A fallen leaf
      I’m sure, is nothing like a fallen angel.

    2. Side note. I do posts like this when I am very, very tired. It’s more than a little tongue-in-cheek, as I am well aware I am no poet. I’m just incoherent.

  2. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    If you sketched it while sitting at an expanded table, would that make it a table leaf?

    Perhaps you could name the sketch Erikson?

    1. LOL!

      You know, I woke up today thinking I really ought to delete this post. It’s a silly post. But no. I like punnishment for my bad posts!

      1. Rachel6 Avatar

        The sketch is lovely and the mindset behind leaving it unfinished is completely charming. Don’t delete it!!

  3. Reziac Avatar

    Not only don’t delete it, but… brain churn thinks it ought to be the cover of a novel entitled ‘Unfinished’ tho I’m not sure about what.