If anyone is still reading the blog… since I chit-chat mostly on FaceBook these days.

The job I’d finally found two seeks ago is a no-starter, it was a product demonstrator , per diem position, and I wasn’t scheduled for this week and just found out that the district manager, to whom I reported, has quit abruptly. I don’t think this is going anywhere good…

I am making jewelry with Michael, who is also now my significant other… He’s amazing, loves me, loves the kids, and after four months of knowing one another we already have a easy comfort in one another. I can’t imagine life without him in my future. He’s also a blacksmith, which would be why I’m now learning chainmail jewelry. You can see what it looks like athttp://www.etsy.com/shop/avalonjewelrynh.

Yes, I am driving! I have a little car – a Ford Escort, and I get around quite a bit these days, looking for work and doing volunteer work at the Sanbornton Library. I can fit all the kids in it, which is great, and maybe in the future I can even take them on family trips.

I applied for ten jobs today, I’ve been a busy bee! LOL, hopefully one of these will amount to something. It’s a bit bruising to one’s ego to go this long without finding anything.