Cedar Sanderson

Review: Vengeance From Ashes

Ever have a book you were reading, even though you had no business making time to read, and you resented life for intruding and making you have to stop every few pages? Yeah, Vengeance From Ashes is like that.

I have missed this kind of mil-SF since I stopped reading the Honor Harrington series, which had gotten bloated almost beyond recognition. Here, the hero has been pushed beyond human endurance, broken, discarded, and then her world has the gall to come asking her for more. Ashlyn Shaw will have none of it, unless her fellow prisoners, unfairly locked up along with her for crimes they did not commit, are also released.

But dire plots are afoot, a war is heating up, and things are happening faster than she can keep track of…

I really enjoyed the snippets I had been reading of this, and was tickled to be given an advance copy for review. Now, I’m strongly suggesting to you that you read it as well. It’s good stuff, solid story, tight plot, action that keeps you reading when you really ought to stop, and characters I can’t wait to see more of. I hear it’s the beginning of a series and I’m delighted. Now, if only there were a way to make the author write faster…

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