Walking in the morning

For the last four mornings I have been getting up at 5:30 and walking until 6, which is the best time for me to do it – no one else is awake, and I can relax and stretch out for my day. This morning was lovely, clear sky after all the rain we got over the weekend, still colored from the sunrise. There was a light mist hanging over the pasture, in fact, it burned off while I was walking, but looking out over it at the towering pines that fringe our woodlot and Sanbornton Mountain rising up behind them into the pink sky was worth getting up for.

It is high berry season, so I picked blueberries and raspberries while I was out. This morning I froze them, but Saturday morning I made some yummy wildberry pancakes. Raspberries, black raspberries, and blueberries in my usual batter. The girls helped me make them and also have been picking berries for me. Even bringing them in to freeze instead of eating them all. We are saving them up to make a batch of jam with. Later we will have a bumper crop of blackberries, too, but those, I have been told, I will have to pick because they are too “poky”.

Pippa just came to show me her outfit for the day, clothes in one hand and Squishy Bob under her arm. I need to go mix up chocolate milk and start the day in earnest.