Warp Speed, Full Ahead

I wasn’t busy before. I thought I was, but I was mistaken. I was only playing at being busy. Here in less than a week I’ll have a kid in college, a kid homeschooled, and a kid in middle school. Also, the college kid isn’t driving, so guess who’s playing Driving Miss Ginja Ninja for at least a semester? Uh huh, got it in one. The Little Man has asked to join Civil Air Patrol, which got a little internal Mama “Oh heck yeah!” before I even realized that the nearest squadron meetings line up with the GN’s night class neatly. The homeschooler is in the process of testing to see what college classes she’ll be taking this coming mid-term (same school as the GN, at least) and that ought to be… interesting. Oh, and the homeschooler, to her vast delight, is being signed up for fencing classes, which are a weekend thing. Possibly Bee School, which will be an evening thing. (yes, Grampa, I did say bee school!) Not to mention she has to take driver’s ed classes to get her license.


*pant, pant*

Ok. I can do this. I’ll have to cut my schedule to the bone, rebuild it, but we can do it. We can make it better, make it stronger…

It is an investment in their future. Actually, the cost isn’t terrible, considering. The GN is headed to a ‘starter’ school that we’re paying out of pocket. The homeschooler’s activities aren’t too awful, considering. It’s just that there are a ton of moving parts heading into this school year, and I need to get everything meshed like fine clockwork.

Family meeting tonight. We’ll make it work. We’re a finely-tuned… oh, hell. No, this is going to be a huge challenge. But I will make it work.



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  1. Nancy Guyotte Avatar
    Nancy Guyotte

    Worse than coordinating t-ball and dinner time 🙃. You will do it, and do it well.

    1. thank you! I hope so. My goal right now is to get them all through this coming school year intact and somewhat more educated. And not break me while doing that.

  2. to make it short-

    I launched a computer graphics and workstation Youtube channel last week

    SIGGRAPH is this week.

    you can imagine…

    1. Take a breath! Also, crockpots and rice cookers are your friends. Food is important to keeping your brain running optimally. Even if you only manage one full meal a day, and leftovers for lunch, the crockpot will help enormously.

      1. Funny enough, I have the crockpot working on dinner right now – pepperoni pizza chili, and the side is pre-mixed bagged salad that people can shake onto their plate directly from the bag. I got it on sale at 89 cents a bag, so I don’t even have to feel bad about that. Because getting all the moving parts to fall in line is… so much easier, when prep time doesn’t have to happen before a coordinated eat time!

        And if dinner happens elsewhere, then I have meals I can prepack for lunch at work, or dinners easily grabbed out of the freeser later. *hugs* May you find some downtime for yourself, somewhere in there!

    2. Oh, um. Ok, I looked up SIGGRAPH and found their youtube channel and that’s dangerous, man!

      1. even just doing commercial coverage of it remotely is… a lot.

  3. Every time you cook meat, cook enough for two or three meals, and freeze what you don’t use for that meal. Then you can quickly put cooked frozen meat into something for supper when you get home.

    Do you have one big calendar somewhere that everyone can see it, to put all of your activities, appointments, and commitments on?

    1. I just hung one up yesterday – we’ll be filling that out this evening after I get home, before the LM’s school open house.

      We did that trick last night – I wound up not feeling well so we did a quick pulled pork from frozen pulled pork. Just heated and added sauce.

    2. That works really well for us. My wife and I buy in bulk, and usually cook in bulk. Three dinners worth of chicken and sauce for the two of us takes the same time (more or less) as for one, and 5 pounds of Costco hamburger gives 20 patties for the Weber. We’ll thaw and microwave. The trick is to slightly(!) undercook the burgers, so they finish in the ‘wave. A big batch of pulled pork takes more time to defat, but we’ll get 10-12 servings from a run.

      We’ll do a scratch-built pizza (both of us have serious gluten problems, and frozen GF pizza delenda est), and occasionally, we’ll grill salmon filets bought frozen from the restaurant supply outfit. Between them, Costco and the country ribs on sale at the Kroger affiliate, we’re pretty well set for meat.

  4. Margaret Ball Avatar
    Margaret Ball

    How do you get away with homeschooling one kid while sending the other to middle school? You must have them better controlled than I ever managed!

    1. Well, the Junior Mad Scientist made it very clear that she was unhappy in school, and would like to be homeschooled. The Little Man was told that if he wanted to be homeschooled, he needed to develop a lot more maturity and responsibility… and then he realized he *likes* school and seeing his friends daily. Different kids! Now, it’s not perfect, because the JMS isn’t always as motivated about school even at home as I’d like. And she can’t stay with her grandmother like she did last school year, as my sister is needing a lot more care now. So this year is going to be a hybrid of homeschool for a term, and then she’ll be starting community college along with her sister.

  5. Sub Spike Avatar
    Sub Spike

    I like fencing. Of course you know HEINLEIN was a college fencer.