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Water is wet, the Sky is Blue, I’m Busy…

I should probably have tried to make that rhyme, but instead I’ll leave you with some photos. I have to run the girls to school, and then make my boy his breakfast and pack his lunch and… and later today I have a quiz over the last 40+ trees we identified recently. Her quizzes are anyone else’s Lab Practical Exam. But before that, I’m kicking off the official job hunt with a sit-down to go over interviews skills. If my school offers help, I’m taking it. It’s been years since I had to get a job via the ‘traditional route’ and even that was… unorthodox.

I spotted this doe, and two of her friends, on my campus early one morning.
Fall is here. I’m hoping to be able to steal a bit of time for photos of color. Ohio has nothing on NH for foliage, but there are bright spots of color that are pretty. This is one of my classmate’s feet in Pin Oak leaves. Quercus palustris. See? I’m blogging and studying!

On top of this, we’re house hunting. We will be looking at a dream house tonight. Out in the country.

Last week I went on a field trip to a cemetery – and arboretum. I love this statue. The Writer in her natural habitat…
And I found out yesterday that my school is using a few of my photos (including this one) to promote the new major in Biological Sciences. I’d given my professor permission to use the photos I gave him, and he was excited about showing what regional students could do. It was kinda cool.
This semester I’m taking some really cool classes. I think I’m going to miss school, in some ways. Getting out in the field, for collecting, and visiting museums, like this Mollusc Room in the Hefner Museum, have been delights that make the time pass quickly.

4 thoughts on “Water is wet, the Sky is Blue, I’m Busy…

  1. “I am Commander Crayfish, take me to your leader puny human!”

    My wife and I were on a driving trip and swung into a very small cemetery on a whim. Not often that you see a marker for a Navy Veteran of the War of 1812.

    We have been in this house for a little more than thirty years. And I am sure that we are going to get to the bottom of the things to do list soon. That is if you define soon as being before, but maybe close to, the heat death of the universe.

      1. Methinks Commander Crayfish did not come in peace. Perhaps Commander Crayfish would like to visit the hot tub. “Why yes Commander, perhaps while you are waiting for the the leaders of Earth to arrive, you could rest in the hot tub, on the stove. It will only take a minute. You could use the time to clean the Earth TA blood from your claws.” “I will add to the the water this rare and valuable hot tub scent called, Old Bay.”

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