We Are Free: IV


I intend to persist with the posts on freedom, at least for a little while. It means many things to me. Not just the freedom politically I hold in our great country, to cast votes – and to hold the electoral process to the fire when it should be tested to see if it is still pure gold, or it it has been infiltrated with dross. These things are good and just pursuits. 

I am, in all things, free. I choose to abide by the laws of the land, and to live within the bounds of society. But the natural rights of man are not ceded to me by that law, or the government, or any living person. They are imbued in me from birth. 

I am a free woman. Having lived in a state that was less than freedom, I relish the liberty I now claim and hold fast to. Having endured much, I do not well tolerate infringements of my innate human rights. 

This is my hilltop, and I will die on it, if necessary. 




2 responses to “We Are Free: IV”

  1. It’s a hill worthy of your death. But it’s a better hill to make the ones who would take it from you die upon.

  2. I’m in agreement with rayc64