Week 2 of the novel

I am writing along with Sarah Hoyt as she does the 13 Weeks program, check here for the details. 

This week she covers the topic of an idea for the novel. Since I am working on mine already, I just have to encapsulate the idea. Which is a trick in itself, as it’s hard to sum up. 

A hard-boiled pixie gets the call to fulfill his family’s debt. All he has to do is give up his dangerous job as bounty hunter for rogue magical beings, and take up a cushy position as bodyguard to a fairy princess. He knows everything is going wrong when he shows up at her door and she threatens to shoot him if he tries to take her Underhill… Cedar Sanderson Vulcan's Kittens

There it is… the cover for my upcoming novel. I can’t wait to make the announcement that it’s available for sale! Should be soon now. My girls are bugging me, I gather some of their friends have gotten a peek at the beta edition and want to read the whole thing.