Week of Words

It’s been an eventful week. Last weekend, I was at a convention. This weekend? Dinner with the gang… and we now have a new name, and a website to organize the shenanigans (ok, as much as we’ll ever be organized) and I am working hard on a project that evolved from funsies to ‘oh, cr*p this is a thing.” Let’s just say next month is going to be busier than usual. Then again, that’s been my life for the last few months. There is a bare possibility that the First Reader will make it home to his wife in under 6 months from the time this mess started… but it’s slender. I have resigned myself to not getting a husband in my arms for my birthday, at any rate. 

If I stay insanely busy then I don’t have time to fret or stress, right? Right. I knew you’d agree. So I’m writing daily again. No particular wordcount goal on a given day, just trying to type for a while. Starting in October I’ll assign myself a number, probably 500 words a day based on my current trends. Oddly, mornings before work are currently a good time to seize a quiet half hour. When the Little Man is up, he has a tendency to pop in and want to talk to me, or drop the cat on me (which disconcerts both Inspector Gidget and I. Gidget is not a cuddly sort) and it’s difficult to concentrate. Besides which, the kid gets the bit in his teeth and starts doing stuff. And that, my friends, is how the North Texas Troublemakers came to have a website. Still very much a work in progress, because the Little Man is webmaster, I am designer and I just don’t have time to do it all. I need to spin off a clone, some days. 

That is also why the Sanderley Studios website is very rough. I need to spend a few hours on that. I need to make more lists of what needs to be done. I need… 

I have so many needs.  

I also have three thousand words written in a week. On three different projects, sigh. My muse is as flighty as I am these days. I have two stories that need to get done and soon – like by mid-October. Ironically, at the six month mark from ‘moved to Texas.” One is for the North Texas Troublemakers’ second annual anthology. The other is for my own anthology. I have good starts on both. I also have a Halloween project. Uh – two of them. Dagnabbit. Also a Christmas project, and have I mentioned N’Inktober yet? 

Somewhere, in all of this, I need to find the time to… 

I forget. There’s something else, I know there is. But I forgot it already. 

Watch this spot. Big news coming soon. 


6 thoughts on “Week of Words

  1. “Too many needs”?

    My Beloved Schoolteacher Mother always taught me that there’s a difference between “needs” and “wants”. [Crazy Grin]

  2. Yes, all my needs and wants and shoulds are all going head to head currently. One step at a time. One step at a time.

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