What a Week!

It has been a week since I sat down to write in this, and we have been busy busy busy. Phil had Market Days in Concord all week. The city shuts down a big chunk of Main St. and has a street festival. For the last five or six years we have been sponsored by Imagination Village to come and twist in front of their store. They are a really great toy and learning supplies shop, whose owners have become our friends, and we usually take our fee out in trade 🙂

Let’s see… Saturday Phil took me with him to the Loon festival, my first facepainting gig. That went so great! I got my picture in the paper, even! Then Sunday was a bit of a disappointment. I was at the restaurant for three hours and it was dead. I did nine kids in three hours, and had the owner tell me he didn’t think it was worth paying me for the day. So Phil and I decided to make it a trial day – and this Friday the owner agreed to give it another try, on a day there isn’t a race in town (there’s a Nascar speedway close by).

Then last night and Thursday night Phil took me to Market Days with him to paint. I only did about 2 1/2 hours each time, but it was so fun and I think I am going to like this a lot. I am feeling much more confident about it, and it is very satisfying to be asked if I am available for Birthdays. Phil is the consummate entertainer. He is funny, loud enough to command attention, and has the skills to wow people. I am very quiet and shy in a crowd, so this is a big confidence booster. Right when I need it, too, because tomorrow I start telemarketing daycares to fill in the August hole. *sigh*

Well, I have taken my walk this morning, and picked black raspberries, and I hear the pitter-patter of Pippa foots, so I had better think about breakfast.

Oh, I have to share – we got the coolest present for Juliet’s 6th birthday – a butterfly pavilion! She can send off for caterpillars and raise them to butterflies, and we got her a butterfly net, too. She’s studying bugs this summer.


2 responses to “What a Week!”

  1. Here’s to face-painting, and may your “business” increase.Cool gift for Juliet. And, speaking of butterflies, maybe you could paint one on Mimi while she’s there. (Don’t forget to take a picture!)

  2. Cedar I knew you’d kick butt! The facepainting is sooo good! I love that tiger on Julie! Thanks for the clue on what to get her for her upcoming ‘BIG DAY’..