There is no snippet this week. I am wrestling behind the scenes with the full cover layout for the print version, and honestly wondering why, because so few copies will sell that way… and then I remember how good it feels to hold Pixie Noir in my hands.

Sarah A Hoyt, my mentor in writing, did something brave yesterday: she launched her first all-Indie novel. She’s been a hybrid author for a while now, and has been more than supportive of my attempts at Indie publishing. So today, this post is about the new book. She’s given space on her blog to me more than once, this is the least I can do in return. So go, buy, and come back to review when you have read!

Remember: book reviews are like tipping the author. Bad ones can taper off sales (I’ve seen this with The Eternity Symbiote) but none can keep a book from ever getting a foothold.

You can read more about Witchfinder here. 

You can purchase it by clicking the cover icon below.