Women and Children First

Tradition dictates that when a ship is sinking, women and children are the first to go into the lifeboats. Men and the crew stay with the ship if there is not enough room. Honor and duty, and a generation of manners we are fast forgetting. But what if there are no lifeboats? And just who is shoving the women and children over the railing to plummet into the icy sea below?

Let’s imagine America is a ship. A rather large one, yes, and with plenty of wide-open spaces for berthing yet. But there are cracks showing in the facade, and increasingly, those who crew the ship are of a progressive bent. While liberalism may spring from the core word of ‘liberty’ it’s not espousing that any longer. Try to exercise your freedom of speech around one, and see what happens.

You’re thinking I’m some right-wing fanatic, if you adhere to that liberalism (without thinking it through, and this is an exercise in you thinking). You’d be wrong. However, I cannot stay still while injustices are perpetrated, and this morning as I was waking up, three articles came to my attention. I’ll link, and quote, and when you are done reading, perhaps you will think, presuming that you haven’t already given in to some knee-jerk reaction based on your emotions and gone away, rejecting what I have to say based only on the surface. I may be critical of progressivism, but I have good reasons.

The Children

“The marginal child who was not born due to legalization would have been 70% more likely to live in a single parent family, 40% more likely to live in poverty, 50% more likely to receive welfare, and 35% more likely to die as an infant. These selection effects imply that the legalization of abortion saved the government over $14 billion in welfare expenditures through 1994.” (Jonathan Gruber, Philip Levine)

So, we see why they are throwing the children into the icy grasp of the ocean. Because they can’t be bothered with the political hot potato of reforming welfare and social services. Because the Summer of Free Love led to the breakdown of the American Family. I don’t think you need me to re-emphasize how sickening this is, whether you accept abortion as acceptable, or not. The children are being thrown away, to save money. Eugenics, far from having vanished in the wake of WWII and the Nazi atrocities, is alive and well. The children of the poor, the unfortunate, those children are marginal, and less worthy of life than those of the well-off.

Still, the children are fortunate they are aboard the American ship, which will only throw a relative few of them overboard. They could have been conceived to China, where being female is a death sentence, and local governments can forcibly abort them, while the central government toothlessly condemns that practice.

The Women

While here on our ship, much ado is made about women, the reality is that women in America are a privileged, pampered, made-much-of breed. This is a nation that loves its children, or at least those who made it past birth, and most especially its girl-children. Women outnumber men at college by 12 million to 9 million. And while they are at college, they can say whatever they like, and no-one will ever dream of questioning their veracity.

Women can rise up about a shirt on an accomplished scientist who wasn’t even in their own country. But can they rise to the defense of other women, who are suffering most miserably in other countries? That would be a resoundingly silent no. The quietly heroic Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has come to clash with American feminists due to her stance on a religion that savagely mutilated her as a young girl, has this to say. 

The rest of the world, which doesn’t enjoy the rights that Americans do, is where feminists should focus their attention, she said.

“They should be focusing on the rights of women in China; the girls who are being aborted before they’re even born,” Hirsi Ali said. “The culture of rape in India. Latin America in the Western world, with all its problems with it being where the West was four or five decades ago. And then, Islamic extremism, which is like a cancer and it’s spreading all over the world.”

Hirsi Ali noted that she has been warning Westerners about the dangers of Sharia, or Islamic law, for more than a decade but wasn’t taken seriously.

“Nobody really believed me. They thought I was exaggerating,” she said. “But now they can see when these people come to power what they do.”

So… Women and children first? Or shall we turn our gaze outwards, away from the navel lint where the rad-fems battle it out about trans-privilege, and whether plants are sentient. Like ripples in a pond, first we need to check the foundations of our own house, or to keep with this metaphor of the ship – are we sailing into rocks and shoals? Right now, we can’t see how those ripples are affecting others, but they are. America, the young upstart, the dreamer, has become the nexus of culture to an entire world. It’s not that we need to forcibly spread our republic (not democracy, for rule of the masses leads to madness), it’s that we need, as Mr. Franklin so famously commented, to keep it. They will come. They are coming, to learn, and if we aren’t setting that example, what then will happen?