Wood of Aloes

Some days, I have no words. The mind is… it’s not empty. It’s too full. The words tangle up on themselves and won’t flow. 


6 responses to “Wood of Aloes”

  1. Reziac Avatar

    That’s cuz yer lookin’ at the tail lights. Try looking at the headlights instead. 😉

    1. I think it’s safer to be looking at the tail lights!

  2. *hugs* No worries – here’s to doing other things until the words all come out in a rush!

  3. John Utley Avatar
    John Utley

    Was that really supposed to be wood from a species of Aloe, or did I miss something?

    1. Wood of aloes is bitter, hence my choice for the title. It’s not what we think of as aloe plants now – they aren’t woody. But in old books (like the 100+ year old copy of Sinbad the Sailor I was looking at just before I wrote this) you’ll find references to the wood of aloes as being valuable.