Working up to Writing

I’ve been on a sort of writing hiatus almost since the beginning of the semester, way back at the end of August. I am, at the moment, counting down 26 hours until I have a break, and during that break I plan to write like a madwoman. There are a few reasons for that…

But I know full well that before I can write, I need to work up to it. I can’t just sit down at the keyboard, flip a mental switch, and have the words pouring out of my fingers. I need to first, decide which project I am working on, as I have several in progress. Then I need to read what’s already been written, resist the urge to edit, and get the story straight in my brain. If possible, before I start writing, I will know what-comes-next, or why I was stuck on that story, and what needs to be done to shake that loose.

I think I have that worked out when it comes to Puppies in Space (working title) which is the book I’d like to finish next. Not only is this break going to be a writing push toward that goal, but it is to prime the pump for the longer winter break, where I do intend to finish a novel. If Puppies won’t come smoothly, I will switch over to another project.

But all the desire in the world will just frustrate me if I’m staring at the blinking cursor with nothing useful in my head. So in addition to studying for my calculus exam, I will be talking with my Evil Muse again about this story, bouncing things off him. He’s very good at sparking my mental creativity. I know not all writers have the luxury of conversations with their muse, or at least not publicly acceptable ones!

All this, and I am excited. I am looking forward to finally seizing some time to write. I have projects over the break that must be completed, but they aren’t so onerous I can’t devote a few hours a day to really writing, time I have not had since summer. There have been stories bumping about in my brain, and now I can finally let them out.



One response to “Working up to Writing”

  1. I just re-read your snippet and would very much like to see ‘Puppies’ finished! However, I’ll be happy with any book you finish. 🙂