Today I logged out of the day job, into the art laptop, and four hours later, I started typing this sentence. 

I don’t, usually, work an additional half day after work. But today I was waiting on an HVAC tech to let me know when he was going to be able to fit us into his day. Which was a very nice thing for him to do, and given how late he’s actually going to be here… but the Air con has been off all day, and it’s a bit warm in here. 

I made red beans and rice for dinner, with the instantpot and the rice cooker. Might have stuck to salad if I’d realized when I started this process yesterday that it would be a mite steamy even without what was in the bowls. Of course, I could just put it away for tomorrow, when hopefully it’ll be cooler, and it will likely taste even better then! 

You can plan all you want, but once you encounter reality, all holds are off. I tried to make the waiting time productive, at least. That’s all you can do, really. 

Cat Tax: Toast, killing a sock
The Little Man, holding both Toast and Inspector Gidget.

On the cat front, Lightly Toasted Marshmallow (Toast, for short) and Inspector Gidget (Gidget, or IG) are occasionally playing together. They will tolerate one another, as you can clearly see, but Gidget insists they are Not Friends and Whose Idea was that Interloper, Anyway? with a perfunctory hiss and a swipe that misses by a mile. We shall see what time brings.