Sketchbook Dump

So I’m sitting waiting for the daughter to get out of an appt and I remembered I hadn’t blogged…


8 responses to “Sketchbook Dump”

  1. were you going batty one day?

    1. That was yesterday…

  2. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    I was looking for the little scar and the glasses on the potter wasp, and I was wondering how much electricity you get from your bat tree.

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as archival ink until I looked it up.

    I imagined the ants were taking the yellow petals away to use to fan the queen. I know that isn’t how it works, but my imagination doesn’t care about reason.

    1. You don’t get electricity from a bat tree. You generate it by brushing the raccoon’s tail, as the fellow in the sixth drawing demonstrates!

      You could make it work with the ‘possum, too, just not on the tail…

      1. Seems brushing a possum tail is the very definition of waste of time!

    2. And I love that a drawing of mine sparks your imagination.

      1. a book of your drawings plug whatever random ramblings one of us writes!