Short Bites


I don’t have time for a post this morning. So I’ll throw a couple of interesting tidbits here, and maybe manage a whole post later. Or not. 

First, this story really gets me. I grew up in the Frozen North. I know just how close to death these people came. All I can say is that they have a bearded angel on earth and hopefully they appreciate that. Also, don’t rely on your cell phone for… anything. Especially not out in the boondocks. This family ought to be dead of cold, or wolves… Shivers. 

Secondly, check out the story prompts! Even if you didn’t send one in this week, there are plenty of spares. No wordcount, no genre limitations, it’s simply meant to prime your writing well of creativity. Also, please do play along, invite friends to play, the more the merrier. If you look at past posts you’ll find some fun reading material as folks posted their prompt responses. 

Finally, this is interesting, but I find myself squinting at the concept wondering what could (and will) go wrong. I mean… nanoparticles trained to attack your own body from the inside out? Oh, that’s not quite how it works, but still… “We found we could stimulate the macrophages to selectively eat dead and dying cells — these inflammatory cells are precursor cells to atherosclerosis — that are part of the cause of heart attacks,” Smith said. “We could deliver a small molecule inside the macrophages to tell them to begin eating again.”


1 thought on “Short Bites

  1. The three legged stool of modern beliefs.

    Technology is infallible.
    Nothing in the world can hurt of kill me.
    Because it never happened to me, it can’t happen to me.

    Each of our cars has a general stash of emergency gear and we adjust that stash seasonally.
    Life will end in death, but there is no sense running to the end of the line while yelling, “Take me next!”

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