Betwixt and Between

That’s where life is right now. There’s a big transition in the works, but I’m neither there, nor fully here at this point. This seems to be a theme through my work. I’m working on illustrations for another collaboration with Lawdog, and it seems to be progressing very slowly. Still, in time we’ll have AstroLizards complete to join the first two, with one more planned to come. I’ve started working on another short story for an anthology – and got news this morning that my last short was accepted to the anthology it was written for! – and after that I’ve got to decide which of the 3-4 WIP for novels is up next to finish. 

One thing I did, and it was kind of funny but also annoying, was to get a little laptop table for sitting in a comfy chair to write. Annoying? This took three tries. I ordered one like it, via the scratch-and-dent of Amazon Warehouse, and it turned out when time to ship that they didn’t actually have it in inventory. Ok, order again… that one was shipped. Something happened to it along the way, and I get a notice it was undeliverable due to package damage, and they’ll refund me. One more time! This one actually showed up.  It’s worth the time it took, too. With adjustable height, and a tilting platform for the laptop beside a horizontal surface for mouse (and clutter), it’s letting me sit and write for longer than my other setups. Well. The lapdesk in bed works nicely, but then I tend to fall asleep while thinking. So! I’m back to writing every day. Progress shall be made. 

The new job will feel real once I start it, and that’s not until later this month. The old job got weirder and, well, I may be doing that on the side for a while since things changed there. It’s complicated and I won’t go into details. Suffice it to say that life is never easy around here. 

On top of that, the house hunt is complicated by the job change and by the market being so hot that we’ve put in an offer on a house we haven’t seen in person. Thank goodness for good friends who understand us! I’m not holding my breath, though. No guarantees, in this market, that an offer submitted is a contract in hand. Plus… well, it’s not a new house. It’s got character, but we’ll have an inspector pore over it to ensure we aren’t biting off more than we can chew. 

Lesson of the day! Always, always have the house inspected before you buy. Doesn’t matter if you think you know how to renovate a house. You will miss stuff. Really big, important stuff. I know this. I lived for twenty years in a house that was slowly falling apart because there had been no inspection, and the problems were too big to be repaired. It’s not a trap I’ll step in, and I will tell all and sundry the same thing. Get an expert in. 

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  1. And, make sure it is a real house inspector working for you. On my house, the friend I had do the inspection missed several things (like the electrical not meeting code 20 years ago, when I bought the house). I got what I paid for. I don’t blame him. A friend recently had a house built and the house inspector she hired caught several things before final move in and closing.

      1. Oh! Those type of Space Lizards.

        Elsewhere, there’s talk about “Alien Space Lizards” who replaced Humans (especially Politicians of a certain party). [Crazy Grin]

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