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So here’s a way you can chat with me – the BroadCast is going to be running at 6 pm Central (every Wednesday!) and I’ll be in the live chat during the episode. But if you can’t find it in time, then it’s available to watch, or listen, on any podcast service you prefer now. 

And tomorrow if you want to support me and a bunch of other authors, there’s a Kickstarter you’ll want to check out. This anthology looks like it will be so much fun! 

Here’s how the editor, Joe Monson, describes The Horror at Pooh Corner

The Hundred Acre Wood has been part of the consciousness of the world for a very long time. For most of the history of the world, it existed on the fringes of awareness, just there, in the corner of your eye. In the early days of the Twentieth Century, a well-meaning fellow by the name of Alan Milne recorded some of the adventures of the denizens of that fell place, though he did brighten the real stories a bit in order to appeal to the children of the day. Now, the real stories can be told.
The dark truth of heffalumps and woozles, what the bees are really hiding, what happened to all the adults, the story behind Pooh’s obsession with hunny, what caused Eeyore’s gloomy outlook, why Piglet is horribly afraid all the time, why Kanga and Roo really came to the Hundred Acre Wood, what Pooh and Christopher Robin discovered at the North Pole, why Eeyore’s tail must be kept attached, the significance of red birthday balloons, what caused the great flooding of the Wood, the true purpose for Pooh poetry compositions, the story of Owl’s Uncle Robert, and more. These are the kinds of stories you can expect in The Horror at Pooh Corner anthology.
These are stories terrifying and humorous (sometimes both). The veil between insanity and the Hundred Acre Wood is thin, and cosmic horrors and other fell beings frequently cross over. Find here the true stories of how these encounters affect the denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood. 

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