Look a Squirrel!


The day has been long. I’m tired, I have to wrangle the dictation transcription into something approaching English – anyone recommend a decent cardioid microphone with a 3.5mm jack, less than $100? Much appreciated, if so! 

On the upside, the Little Man had a shining moment and then another, today. I came home to him cooking dinner, making spaghetti sauce from scratch, and it came out really good. He made enough – with full intent! – to freeze for at least two more meals. Super! and he told me that his first math exam grade was back. He’s gotten a B+, not bad for a highschool sophomore in a college algebra class. I’m very proud of him. He’s learning to be a self-propelled student. It’s a very good thing. 

Other than that, well, I did a zany little author intro over on my friend Laughing Wolf’s blog. He was kind enough to give me a key and tell me to post for promo anytime. Muahaha… ahem. I shall be a perfect Lady and not abuse my privileges. Anyway, if you wander over and read it, let me know if I sound too loopy? I feel loopy. Like I have overcaffeinated squirrels in the brain. 

And on that note… 

Shiny! *dashes off*

A black and a gray squirrel playing (or flirting) in the woods by our house.