Mickey Spillane


I had picked up a copy of The Big Kill a little time ago. I wanted to read the first Mike Hammer story. I’ve been avoiding the Hammer series, in favor of Spillane’s other books, because the First Reader said he wasn’t fond of Hammer. 

I settled into a hot bath, hoping to finish flushing the allergens out of my system, and then got out and marched over to him (only dripping a little). 

“Here. Read the first page and a half.” 

He sat there, quietly reading, for a few minutes. 

Then he looked up at me and handed the book back. 
I love my First Reader, but as I told him, I can see him playing out this scene. Word for word. He looked thoughtful. “I’m not sure I hadn’t read this before I did that. Or if it came after.” 
My point is made. Also, I need to read more of this book. When my brain isn’t full of allergy crap, which it is. 
In the meantime, enjoy the majestic… well, ok, the pulpy goodness of this 1954 version cover. 
I wish I could paint like that. 
Is she mad? Afraid? Her gun hand is steady, whichever it is.

Can I just say there is something about half tone and the loss of detail that you just can’t match in our hi-def world? Maybe it’s just me. I do like minimalism, and the suggestion that allows your imagination to fill in the blanks. Like Spillane’s writing. Set the scene. Switch to dialogue. The reader immerses themselves. 

That tie tells us he is moving, fast.

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    1. I found these two I’ve got on my desk at the dollar book swap. Sadly, this copy of The Big Kill is falling to pieces. I may retire it into artwork and immortalize it that way.

  1. Better than a sharp stick in the eye. Wonder if Amazon has bundles on sale. Thet do, but only one cover for four books? They do have audiobooks and some for free with my Prime mebership. Something for my TBR after I get my damn book out.

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