New Release: Lab Gremlins

At long last! It lives, it liiiiveess! Muahahahaaaa….


Ladies and gentlemen, readers of all ages: if you enjoy a story with a little scary, a little silly, and some very funny moments mingled with the serious, may I present to you the novella Lab Gremlins?

Some of you might have read the serialization of the first part that was published here on my blog. You might have seen the teaser post of chapter headings. But now, you can enjoy the whole story.

All Steven wanted was a lab job to get experience. His boss acted like a mad scientist, but that wasn’t the problem. No, the problem started with disappearances around the lab, and then it really escalated. Steven finds himself scrambling to cope with gremlins, chemical spills, and much worse things when the government agents show up… because they are recruiting and don’t take no for an answer!


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    1. I serialized the first bit here – something less than half of what the complete novella wound up being. And it’s been edited, but no serious changes (other than which limb was broken… LOL)

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