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Odd Prompts: The Cat’s Miaow

Just a little something. 


The problem was, of course, that no one could decide how to spell it. The cat hefted her hammer and let out a breath that perturbed her whiskers. She had a feeling her fur was standing out at all angles, and she knew she’d split a claw with a misdirected hammer blow. That added a low throb to the more general pain of working in an odd position. 

She looked down, and the round face looking back up with it’s perpetually worried tabby M over the eyes made her smile in spite of herself. 

“Will this work? I can add some more vowels if you’d like. We haven’t used all of them yet.” 

There were, in fact, some wooden ones lying below her where she’d dropped or thrown them as they were rejected from below. 

“I don’t know…” He didn’t just look worried, he sounded that way too. 

She huffed through her whiskers one more time. “Look, I’m coming down there. We can give it some time. Let it grow on us.” 

She started to back down the ladder very carefully. It was a profoundly unnatural direction for a cat to climb, and she had to think about every step. She also had no intention of going back up there again. 

Safely on the ground, she accepted his apology grooming, while she stared up at the letters she’d fastened securely to the crossbar over the road. 

“It stays.” She told him when they were leaning into one another. “That’s all I’m going to do on it. You’ve been fussing over it because you aren’t ready but you know what? We’ve got to start somewhere. So, spelling or not, we’re open for business.” 

He nuzzled her, purring. “Then that’s the Cat’s Mieaouw!” 


My prompt this week came from Fiona Grey with “The cat hefted her hammer and blew out a breath that perturbed her whiskers.” 

I prompted ‘Nother Mike with ”

Running late, but not really late, just late enough

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