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Odd Prompts: Wonderland Snippet


So! I have about 3000 words written on this story this week. It set up the bit you’re about to read, and wrapped up the scene in the Red Queen’s house. 

You don’t get to read that just now. The thing is, I’ve been dictating, and the transcription is beyond a hot mess into the territory of even the author can’t make heads or tails of it. Which means that I’ll have to go back, listen to the recordings, and transcribe manually. Which I flat do not have the time or energy to do tonight. In the interests of expedience, I cleaned up the bit that has the prompt response in it (and which stands alone as a snippet I think). 

I’ll try to get the rest of it edited but to be honest you may have to wait until the whole thing is released to read all of it. Which isn’t fair I suppose. I’m just so tired right now I don’t know. 


Keynah locked eyes with her. “Detective Carroll, right?”

Shelby nodded, “Do you want to tell me about it? You said you lost yesterday, Sunday?”

Keynah sniffed, “I was out Saturday… in a bar drinking. They were there. These two guys were there and I was talking to one,  the other one was behind me and I think…” she took a long sobbing breath. “I think while my back was turned, he dropped something in my drink.”

 Shelby nodded encouragingly. They were both still standing, but Shelby felt somehow that to stop Keynah now would stop the flow of talk and she wanted the story to all come out now before she made the girl have to say it over and over again, and then write it down. There was something about the first impetuous flood of speech that could tell her more than any interruption and question answered could at this point. 

Keynah took another long breath with a sob in a hiccup in it. “It’s stupid. I was only thinking of them buying me drinks and I liked the attention and I was stupid.”

“You weren’t stupid,” Shelby said. “People at bars meet other people, it’s natural and normal. People putting things into other people’s drinks is neither. It’s illegal and we’re going to get them.”

 Keynah nodded again, like a broken doll. “It’s just… it was one day and now it’s another. I lost… I lost a day.” She gestured angrily, her hand clenched tightly around the tissues. “The one guy he… he said he worked with wood, he’s a carpenter. He had this pretty little toy, all polished rings all together. He said it was one piece of wood cut out and all whittled down…”

“And he used it to get your trust.” Shelby suggested. 

 “He did, and then later when he kissed me..” She laughed bitterly. “He told me I was like an oyster ‘cause I wouldn’t open up. He told me I was all clammed up and that’s when I walked off and I wanted to go away. But I felt weird… sick. He said they’d drive me home because I wasn’t safe to drive and now it’s Monday and I lost Sunday…” Her voice trailed off piteously.


My prompt this week came from the lovely and creative Becky Jones, with: “The day disappeared. The calendar skipped it, it was there yesterday, but not today. What happened?” 

I prompted her, as there were some technical difficulties… “The ad for the archaeologist position was worded very strangely. They couldn’t be serious about cursed tombs? She applied anyway, and in the interview she was asked…” 

Join us for the final stretch over at More Odds Than Ends! We’re headed into the 45th week, but it’s different every week, so jump on in. We none of us bite! Ok, maybe someone nibbles… 



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    Michael Barker

    As the vampire happily strokes their fangs… sure, no one bites! Ha, ha, ha… Nicely done. That sort of terror of realizing that a day just vanished. Ouch.