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Review: Razzoo’s Cajun Café

With the moving truck coming on the morrow, 99% of our life in boxes and scattered across the state, and my wrapping up the final ends of the last job… it was our ninth anniversary today. I called the First Reader and said ‘let’s not make food.’

Nine years?!

Which meant we had to choose a place to go. For all that I’ve lived here more a year, and he’s been here six months, we hadn’t really explored the culinary offerings. Time, lack of discretionary funds (selling, then buying, while renting…), and frankly, a recalcitrant teenager all put a cramp in our style. So we pulled up a map of restaurants in the near area, and scrolled through. One thing about living in the city? Whatever your whim desires, you can find it. 

Oh, that looks good! We both said, and in less than ten minutes, were walking up to Razzoo’s Cajun Café (Lewisville). A locally based chain, it’s not our usual mom-and-pop, but it was a delightful find. The staff was charming, they open the doors for you as you arrive and when you leave. Had the weather not been quite so hot (topping 100 today) we’d have opted to sit out on the patio with the stiff rustle of palmettos and fragrant roses. 

As it was far too warm, we went on in. There are TVs playing sports, but the sound is a cheerful blend of zydeco songs. We’d previewed the menu online, so had a bit of an idea, but as we looked at the menu, we decided that in the interest of not wanting leftovers, and really wanting to try a dessert, we’d order apps and that dessert. 

Which was a small error on our part. We ordered three appetizers: fried pickles, fried gator, and Cajun Fondue with shrimp. They believe in feeding you well at Razzoos. We didn’t manage all of that. We did, on the other hand, finish up every bit of the Pecan Peach Bread Pudding.

The gator was good, not at all fishy. I’ve had gator before and found it fishy and a bit greasy. This was not either, although the texture reminded me a little of clam strips without being rubbery. The fried pickles were just what I wanted, and I am very judgy about my fried pickles. They have to be chips, spears are right out, and they can’t have too much breading. Our favorite was the Cajun fondue, though. The garlic bread and cheese and it wasn’t spicy but lots of flavor. Yum!

Pecan Peach Bread pudding – moist, tasty, spicy!

Overall we have regrets about not finding it until literally the last day we will be in Lewisville. If  When we come back to the city, it will certainly be on our list of places we’d do again, like Florentina’s in Plano (have I talked about their lobster ravioli with vodka sauce? Because dear sweet fluffy lord that was decadent and amazing and I’m gaining more weight just thinking about it).  Highly recommend it if you find yourself in the DFW metroplex and you’re looking for good food, plenty of it, and cheerful waitstaff. Our waiter Zack was responsive and pleasant, but all of the staff seemed to be like that, which is a nice sign that a place is well-run. 

Tomorrow we get our stuff in a truck, and head for home. I can’t wait! 


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  1. My lads, when young, would eat ANYTHING labeled schnitzel. ‘Breaded and fried, it belongs inside!’ Cow. Pig. Chicken. Fish! (they came to like seafood, even oysters). Their eyes lit up when I fed them fried (that makes it schnitzel) alligator. They ate their veggies without complaint, to get more ‘gator, ‘Who’s the Apex predator NOW!’

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