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Orange Blossoms

I’m a child of the North. I’ve never walked through an orchard of orange trees, with their heady perfume, but I’ve read about it. Perhaps some day. I do know that it is nothing like the same sort of stroll through a blooming apple orchard. Apple blossoms, fleeting delicate petals that begin to fall almost… Read More Orange Blossoms

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Korean Elk Tacos

This is a post about trying new things. Last summer I took the Geeky Kids to Jungle Jim’s and let them pick out an exotic meat to try in a recipe. We wound up making Kangaroo Pot Pies, which were delicious and they loved. This summer, I was lobbying for Llama, but the girls said… Read More Korean Elk Tacos

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Kangaroo Pot Pies

No, that’s not a funny headline meant to draw you into some post about writing… that really is the recipe of the day! We took the Geeky Kids shopping the other day, and while the Jr. Mad Scientist was deeply suspicious of the ‘exotic meats’ freezer, the Little Man enthusiastically picked out kangaroo meat to… Read More Kangaroo Pot Pies