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A Crow Moon Rises

I’m slowly putting together the next book. This one is going to be a little different. Like Warp Resonance, it will be a collection of short stories rather than a single work. However, Crow Moon will be focused on my fantasy works. The stories will range from romantic to very dark, and I’m arranging their… Read More A Crow Moon Rises


Sources and Stories

When I was writing Possum Creek Massacre, I was drawing from a lot of sources. Most of them unwritten. I did do a little research into the folklore of the area, and some into locales, although that was mainly to make sure there isn’t actually a town named Possum Creek in Kentucky (There isn’t, although… Read More Sources and Stories


Cover Reveal!

I’ve been putting off the revisions long enough. It’s time to delve into my least favorite part of writing – taking apart my baby and putting it back together stronger, faster, better.  But while I’m working through that fraught task, I wanted to share the cover for Possum Creek Massacre with you all, so you… Read More Cover Reveal!