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One of the things I’ve been doing this year has been working towards becoming a Texas Master Naturalist, and I’m halfway there. I’ve completed the training class, and I am working on the volunteer hours that will eventually have me certified as a Master Naturalist. The thing is, it’s not a lot different than what I’ve always done. I have always loved to observe the world around me, capturing it in photos and drawings. Now, it’s just that I get to go out and wander with a group of like-minded individuals who share my passion, from time to time. I was amused and delighted that there was a squeal and stampede towards the snake, on a walk recently. The snake, knowing he was in for it, left rapidly. This is not a group that moves quickly, either. There are too many things to look at. A half mile can take an hour and a half, with stopping to look, or photograph, or talk about the habits of… whatever we lay eyes on. 

This Tawny Emperor is a Litterbug! 

This month’s birdwalk at Lake Arrowhead State Park, Texas, was a bit too noisy with construction for good birding. But the rainshower that swept in kept the insects looking for shelter and thereby easier to capture through the camera lens. 

Which isn’t to saw that we didn’t see any birds. I continue in my quest to take a really nice photo of a painted bunting, a glorious little bird. But this was the day of the dinosaur’s progeny. A Great Blue Heron, who one of the naturalists commented as we watched it fly and shriek, sounded like a pterodactyl must have. A Great Egret, whose name is Winston and hangs out on the fishing pier hoping for handouts. And the small, graceful Snowy Egret. 

Winston the Great Egret
The Great Blue Heron
The elegant angler

The contrasts of the strong sunlight and the stormclouds made for amazing light conditions. I took a lot of photos, but I won’t share all of them! I just thought you might like a glimpse through my eyes. 

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  1. Okay, so there’s definitely a Great Blue Heron that hangs out in our ponds and I think a Great Egret (vs. Snowy) as well.

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