Christmas Shopping!


If you are shopping for Christmas, I have wares for you. You can check out books for sale, here, and you’ll find mine among them – Possum Creek Massacre is on sale for the first time over the long weekend. There are a bunch of other books, too, perfect for weightless gifts for all the readers in your life. Ebooks don’t require a kindle, they can be read on phones, computers, tablets, and any other device that supports a browser. Heck, these days that is most televisions. How is that for ironic? Reading a book on TV. 

If you would prefer the dead-tree version to fondle and cherish, I offer all mine in paper, signed and even sketched if that tickles your fancy, through my website. 

I’m also making dragons again, for Christmas sales and gifts. These little guys are fun to make, and people have used them for backpack charms (the nano size is best for this), hat decorations, pendants, pins, Christmas Tree ornaments, hung them from the mirror of their car… the possibilities are endless. And this year I have bookmark dragons, and am toying with hairstick dragons. Ok, more than toying with the idea, I’ll be making one or more today. Photos later… 

Plus, there’s art on my website. I’m mostly selling originals, my art printer is not working and despite a number of tries to get it up and running, it’s not. So. Prints would have to be outsourced and I have yet to find a way to do that easily. Um. I really need to update this section. I have a LOT of matted and unmatted art that isn’t up here. If you know of something you wanted, give me a shout. 

Plus, I take commissions. So there’s that, but hurry! Time is running out for Christmas orders. 

The Mystery Bookmark Dragon, and a Gamer Dragon