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Cover Reveal: But Not Broken

Work on the next PTSD anthology is continuing, and we are on track for a publication date of Valentine’s Day. I’d been hoping it would be possible, and now that we’re into February, I can say it for sure! 

This means, of course, that we finally have a cover! I chose to design it with elements of Kintsugi, the art of repairing broken pottery with precious metal. I’ve used that as a metaphor since an essay I wrote in 2014, and I plan to expand on that for the foreword of this book, as it fits very well. 

There will be fourteen stories, all centered on the hope and healing that is possible for those who deal with cPTSD in their lives, or that of their loved ones. Fiction can offer powerful models to the readers, and that’s my hope for this anthology as well as it was for Can’t Go Home Again.