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Odd Prompts: Everything

“I can’t do everything. I want to.” She angled her palms, as though she were pouring out water from them. “I can’t.” 

“No one expects you to.” Ella reached for Bonnie’s hands. “John would be unhappy to see you like this.” 

“I know. I’ve been cheerful when he’s called, but he said… he said last we spoke it would be a while.” 

Bonnie left her hands cradled between Ella’s fingers. 

“He’s in no danger?” Ella cocked her head to one side. “There’s no war on, now.” 

“Not an acknowledged one. But what he does… there’s always danger. Even if it were only training.” Bonnie withdrew her hands and folded them in her lap, staring at them. “I’m sorry. It’s an impossible dilemma. I have to support him, but oh! I need his support so much right now.” 

“He loves you, no matter what, child. That’s easy enough to see.” Ella stood up. “Shall I make tea?” 


Sorry, I can’t manage more. Interruptions literally every five minutes here, and so many things I have to do. Yeah, this little snip is very inspired by real life. 

The single prompt for everyone at MOTE this week was “It was an impossible dilemma” 

You can read all of the responses over at More Odds Than Ends. Join in with the fun! 

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