Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Mice at Play

The pulpit was made from an acorn cap, stumped down onto a lot of twigs all chewed off level. This meant it was sturdy enough to stand up to being pounded by a clenched paw. 

Not that it was any danger at the moment. The mouse standing up at it, both grizzled paws holding onto it, was old enough to need the support of the bundled twigs. 

“Offices should not have cats.” He intoned, then stopped. His audience gave him an encouraging affirmative murmur, so he continued. “When cats come in, then the mice go out.” 

“How do you propose we keep cats out of the office?” The tone of the question was irascible. 

“We introduce doubts.” The elder was patient. “A little stigma goes a long way. Humans suffer from cat allergies, for example.” 

“So we print out allergy reports?” The bright-eyed young female was looking up at him with dewy enthusiasm. “So they decide against the cats?” 

“Humans are also allergic to us.” The young male shouldered his way to the front now. 

“We aren’t so visible as a cat, however.” The elder waved a silvery-white-tipped paw. “So long as we stay out of sight, humans will forget us.” 

“You make it seem so easy.” The junior sneered. His upper lip lifted away from a gleaming fang.

“I have seen more than thirteen moons,” the mouse leaning on the pulpit didn’t sound put out by the pushy youngster. “Have you even seen one full waxing and waning?” 

“Age is irrelevant.” The fur rippled over the shrug. It was glossy and caught the light, making it easy for all to see his movement, which he followed up with a quick preen. 

Putting his head down to caress his own fur meant that he missed the look between the oldest mouse in the warrens, and the prime female who had plans for her first litter. 

Longevity will out. Cats, or no cats!


i was prompted this week by AC Young with “Offices should not have cats. When offices have cats, the mice go missing.” 

I prompted Fiona Grey with “I knew immediately her name was not Chloe.”

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