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Is it Monday? No?


Oops. Well, that lasted a long time. Ah, well, I can try to blog daily but I can make no promises. Went for a walk yesterday, and another one today. They cut into my time but they are so rewarding in terms of filling my soul and slimming the body, not to mention the assorted benefits of sunshine. 

Parazumia symmorpha, a wasp on Locust blossoms.
A Skipper and a Honeybee share a thistle bloom.
A dragonfly with part of it’s larval shed still clinging to it.
Scissor-tailed Flycatchers are beautiful, and common around here.
Polistes exclamans, the Guinea Wasp, is one of the paper wasps.
An Orange Sulfur, Colias eurytheme
A Tachnid Fly, in the Bristle Fly family, and i think you can see why.
Jadera haematolomoa, the Red-Shouldered bug

2 thoughts on “Natural World

  1. Great pictures. It’s hard to get some of these so close up. I know because I’ve tried and failed. The worst was my attempt to get a hummingbird moth on camera–entirely invisible.

    1. Thanks Laura! All of these were taken with a DSLR using a 55-250mm lens, so I can stand back and use the lens to get right up close. As for the hummingbird, they are a challenge, you need a very fast shutter speed to capture all that movement.

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