No Flowers

I had intended to do a post on the wildflowers I photographed this weekend, and how much fun I had over the course of Saturday and Sunday, taking part in the Nature Challenge. And then I had to clean the house, edit and submit a story due by tonight, start on a big project that is due Tuesday, and frankly… I didn’t feel like formatting photos small enough to fit here on the blog, since I can no longer just upload images, I have to make them tiny first. 

I’m out of spoons, stick a fork in me, I’m done. Supper is on the stove (and instantpot) and will be ready shortly. After that, I’m hoping to get a shower so I won’t be miserable tomorrow morning, and spend thirty minutes with a Real Paper Book before bed. And oh… I have to fold two loads of laundry and put them away. Sigh. 

Life trudges on. I do my best to start off Mondays on the right foot, it helps me focus and feel optimistic. So I’ll wrap up this post, which I am doing as a matter of self-discipline as I said I’d blog daily (what about yesterday? I blog every Saturday at the Mad Genius Club) and I’m sticking to that doggone it. I break too many promises to myself as it is. 

Besides, I really have had a wonderful time wandering around with a camera in my hand this weekend. I don’t want to give up that happy glow. 

Oh, and I submitted a story for an upcoming anthology. I did a thing! On time!