Sunday Evening

I went for a walk this evening. The weather had been stormy earlier in the day, but by the time I wanted to stretch my legs, it was sunny, with just a light breeze. 

I walked along quiet small-town streets, past inquisitive dogs, was surprised by the sweet scent of a blooming lilac – something I didn’t think would thrive in Texas, but there it was in all it’s purple glory. I reached the small lake (arguably a pond) and got onto the walking path around it. From there I observed many turtles, including baby turtles, in the lake. So cute! There was a cormorant lancing through the barely-ruffled water near the shore. It wasn’t bothered by me, or the boys fishing from the rocks. On my way back, I saw that they’d caught a small bluegill and congratulated them. I got a ‘my friend got it, Ma’am, thank you’ in return. 

Back home, and time to relax. My desk is clean enough to start Monday on the right foot. I’ve gotten a good bit of exercise in, and it was much more enjoyable than plodding on the treadmill for an hour. 

I’ll have to do this again, soon.