Too Much

That moment when you find yourself with so much to do, and so little time, not to mention mental energy, that you are sitting in front of the bookshelf indulging in a little light research instead of doing anything else. Even the research is kinda useless, because there’s no writing brain. The writing brain has… Read More Too Much


Clear the Tabs

  I don’t have a lot of time this morning, so here’s some stuff I’ve been reading/looking at of interest. You might be amused by it as well.  There’s a recipe for a Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Pie I’ve been eyeing. The First Reader doesn’t care for sweet potatoes, but the rest of us do!… Read More Clear the Tabs


Strange Days

I’m having a strange morning, due to a delayed getting-to-work time so I can deal with an appointment. The GinjaNinja is under the weather, so I’m sitting at my desk with the house all quiet around me. The First Reader headed off to work early, and we missed our usual morning coffee and chat time.… Read More Strange Days



I learned a new word, so of course I had to share it with you all! I was reading an article in the Journal of Criminology about serial killers, as we define them in modern times, and how the media has played a role in their creation (first paper at the link). The method of… Read More Bricolage


A World with no Research

I’m a writer, and I live, breathe, and eat research most of the time. Tasty, tasty research, in some cases. But that’s a different blog post. A lot of my friends are also writers, and they understand this. But what if you couldn’t research?   I’m writing this post from a dead time at work, while… Read More A World with no Research

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Killer Research

For other writerly thoughts today, you could check out my Mad Genius Club post. This post is about how a story was killed by research. Or: facts and fiction get muddled easily. I was chatting with a colleague about mustangs, and how I was wondering that the BLM rehomes mustangs in the Tennessee area. She… Read More Killer Research


Science Blogs

I decided recently that I need to be reading in the field that I plan to work in. I have been doing this, for school, research, and pleasure, but usually with books and papers I picked up for specific points. I follow Derek Lowe’s blog with pleasure, and have for years, but it’s unlikely I’ll… Read More Science Blogs