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Loose Ends

Me: I’ve got my chores done. House is clean. I’m supervising the boys playing and baking cookies so I can’t focus to write. First Reader: I’m going to suggest something radical. Reading. Pleasure reading. How about the crime book by Sayers you just bought? See, I was naughty on my way home from work Friday.… Read More Loose Ends


Bonnet’s Books

Or, why I love used bookstores and exploring my new home state…  We were in Dayton yesterday evening for a meet-up with friends. As the evening of beer tasting, food, cigars and tall tales went on, I excused myself and slipped off on a little errand of my own. I’d been in Bonnet’s Books once… Read More Bonnet’s Books

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Book Hunting

One of the reasons I write is that I love to read. My Mom tells me I learned how to read at four, but I honestly don’t remember a time when I couldn’t read. Mom may have regretted teaching me, because what I do remember is her trying to slow me down or keep me… Read More Book Hunting