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I’ve been distracted elsewhere. Two things: first, The Ratel Saga is coming soon, and secondly, I’m reworking my resume, which for some strange reason I decided means I need to do my whole CV. For the first time ever, I compiled a complete bibliography of my work. Well. I think it’s complete. Major works are at least. 



                Vulcan’s Kittens

                God’s Wolfling

                Eternity Symbiote

                Pixie Noir

                Trickster Noir

                Dragon Noir

                Possum Creek Massacre

                Tanager’s Fledglings

                East Witch

                Case of the Perambulating Hatrack

Anthology (as author and editor)

                Can’t Go Home Again, story “Battle Mother”

Anthology (as editor)

                Adventure Stories for Young Readers

Short works

                “The Groundskeeper: Raking up the Dead”

                “Child of Crows” (published in Supernatural Streets)

                “Tears of the Goddess” (Published in When Valor Must Hold)

                “The Great Chicken Escape” (Published in Cracked: An Anthology of Eggsellent Chicken Stories)

                “The Domovoi’s Blessing” (Published in The Hearts’ Enchantment)

                “Carpetbaggers” (Published in Calexit)

                “The Phoenix Egg” (Published in Tales Around the Supper Table II)

                “Chervil and the Janitor” (Published in Fantastic Middle Schools)

                “Snow in Her Eyes”

                “Jade Star”

                “Little Red-Hood and the Wolf-Man”


                “Sugar Skull”

                “Plant Life”

                “The Violet Mouse”

                Warp Resonance (A collection of short works)

                Twisted Mindflow (A collection of short works)

                “Snow Angel”

                “Lab Gremlins”

“The Twisted Breath of God”

“The Dwarf’s Dryad”

“One-Eyed Dragon”

“Memories of the Abyss”

“Milkweed” (Published in Mythic Delirium Issue 4)

“Mindflow” (Published in Something Wicked Issue 15)

Children’s Books

                The Cute Moose

                One Hungry Werewolf: And Other Monstrous Rhymes (Illustrator)

                “Fairy Little Sister”

Coloring Books

                Taskforce Chiweenie and the Poultry Liberation Front

                Inktail & Friends

                Inktail, Too!

Essays and Blogs

                Cedar Writes (Hugo Award Nominated 2015) (2005-Present)

                Mad Genius Club (2012-Present, weekly)

                Amazing Stories (2011-2012)

                The Otherwhere Gazette (2014-2015)

                More Odds Than Ends (2019-Present)


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    John in Philly

    Thank you for the list, and best wishes on the job search.