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Fantasy Treehouse Art & Architecture

A month or more ago I had a wild hare. This is the result of chasing that bunny down the hole and falling through another world… 

This is an art book with black and white interior so it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The paper version is formatted for ease of page removal, should you choose to color in it, but it isn’t really a coloring book. More me having fun with the conceit of acquiring a fae sketchbook through obscure means. 

It was a delightful project, and I’m planning on it releasing on my birthday, just for sheer silliness. 

You can preorder it now, in ebook, or wait a few days for the print version to be live!

A few of the images that wouldn’t work in a line-art book are included below for you to enjoy and get coloring ideas from. 

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