Drawing Prompts

Every year in October, I take part in the global phenomenon where artists draw every day. Unlike the majority, for copyright issues, I no longer call this by the name the movement started out with, and out of an excess of caution, I also don’t use the prompts lest there be an IP issue with them as well. Besides which, it’s really fun to ask my fans for help in generating prompts! What I usually do is ask for one or two word prompts. I then put these in two columns, randomize one of them, and then do a little *coffcoff* selective sorting. This way I don’t wind up with impossible prompts. 

The result? Looks like 2022 will be as much fun as 2021  and 2020 were! 

If you’d like to use my prompts, go right ahead! You can copy and paste the list, or grab the image below. If you do that, I’d love to see what you create from them! 

1 dilapidated Bathysphere
2 Phoenix Balalaika
3 Boustrophedonic Seascape
4 Exteroceptive Echinoderm
5 Space Quilt
6 Belletristical Mitochondria
7 Dragonflies Chamazulene
8 Jack Russell Terriers Broken Fence
9 Praying Mantis Steam
10 A Necklace of Lab Rats
11 Casper Ghost Town
12 Carnivorous Coniferous
13 Pavane Lightning
14 Joyous Mosquitoes
15 Alchemist Luggage
16 Harmoniously Disaster
17 Squirrels Vault
18 Lucky Charms Brunch
19 Tissues Eucalyptus
20 Sackbut Hiking
21 Chantarelle Mushrooms Flies
22 Mountain Silent
23 Wind Penguin
24 Plangent Glockenspiel
25 Hornets Clowns
26 Ants Tenacious
27 Tribe Butterflies
28 Chill Haversack
29 Turtle Fireplug
30 Solar Deck Chairs
31 Trouble Bouffant

Also, a thanks to all the folks who contributed prompts this year. 

People who gave prompt words
Tiffanie Gray
Misha Burnett
Mike Barker
Fiona Grey
Elizabeth Byrne Lobdell
Matt Crowe
Becky Jones
Michaelynne Ellis
Laura Runkle
Sarah Singleton
Carolyn Jardineiro
Jolie Lachance
Dawn Keenan
Liota Wakal
William Lehman
Amanda Dyck
La Vaughn Kemnow
David Bock
Dawn Keenan
Jim McCoy
Kimber Schratweiser
Sanford Begley

I’ll be posting these in the art groups, or on Instagram. I’ll likely do a weekly post on the blog with that week’s work, so I’m not pushing out art all the time. 

If, on the other hand, you want to be able to hold them all in your hand at the end? I will be releasing a sketchbook in November with the entire collection of the last two years of output. 

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