Since I am not going to buy into Inktober this year (copyright issues) I asked my fans and friends on social media to suggest prompts for me to draw and create from this month. I received more than I could possibly use! It was wonderful. A little work later, and I have October’s daily drawings mapped out for me. I love that I’m getting everyone involved with my work. it’s good fun, and I hope they enjoy what I create from their prompts. 

I draw every day. Sometimes they are very simple drawings, some days I spend several days finishing up a project. But during N’inktober this year, I’m going to not use ink. It’s all going digital. For one thing, I’m looking at the weather sliding into the gray chill of late fall by Halloween (and oh, my I have Halloween crawfish. LOL) and I usually do weekday art sitting in my car at lunchtime. I’ll have to move my kit into the lunchroom at work on bad days, which means minimalist kit is necessary. When I pull out pens and sketchbook, people look at me. The ipad doesn’t get a second glance. 
I was briefly contemplating using the prompts as basis for a story (still worried about trying to write a Children’s Book) or the next Inktail. Which is already mostly illustrated, so maybe not. 
Oh, and September was a rocky month for writing. But that’s a blog for next day or so. Today I’m going to wrap this up, contemplate cybernetic dogs, and pack a lunch for work. 
Art from my daily challenge will get posted in the Facebook group Cedarlili Art, and on my instagram, which means it will appear here on the blog in the footer below the posts on the main page.  

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