Ninktober: Art Prompts

This year I’m doing it again – expanding and amplifying my daily art during the month of October to take my art skills up a notch. And like last year, there’s no actual ink involved. It’s all digital! Clean, no muss, no fuss, and I just don’t have time for dealing with the wet stuff. 

Plus, the prompt list this year is hilarious. Fans generated prompt words, I created a randomized list out of that, and this is the result! 

Here are the first two days of art from the prompts, and I’ll post the rest on Sundays. Or you can join one of the art groups (mirror posting on FB and MeWe to see the daily journey of these, and much more in days to come)

Adrift on the sound waves of a therapeutic calliope. 

A Kilt of abalone shell, rippling with opalescent hues. 


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