Book List

I can’t Write Fast Enough!

This is what will appear at the very end of Possum Creek Massacre. But it will be a while before that book is released, so you should get a head start on your reading. 

Like Books Similar to This One?

Cedar can’t possibly write fast enough to satisfy most readers. Check these great authors out!

DJ Butler

Witchy Eye “A brilliant Americana flintlock fantasy novel set in a world of Appalachian magic that works.”

Peter Grant

King’s Champion “After decades of peace, war is threatening the Kingdom of Avranche. Its old foes are stirring, in a new alliance with darker powers. Black wings bring death and torture in the night.”

JL Curtis

The Grey Man: Vignettes “Texas rancher and lawman John Cronin knows what it means to be tough. A decorated Vietnam vet with connections to law enforcement agencies all around the world, he’s thwarted smugglers and drug plots across the globe with more than a few narrow escapes.”

Dorothy Grant

Scaling the Rim “When Annika Danilova arrived at the edge of the colony’s crater to install a weather station, she knew the mission had been sabotaged from the start. The powers that be sent the wrong people, underequipped, and antagonized their supporting sometimes-allies.”

Jason Fuesting

By Dawn’s Early Light “Eric Friedrich was supervising the last ice harvesting shift for his ship’s shot-up environmental systems when they detected an anomalous ice comet drifting by. Investigating the icy tomb, Eric finds a ship that couldn’t exist–a relic from a nation the Protectorate killed billions to erase from history… And will kill even more to keep secret.”

Alma Boykin

Familiar Tales “Welcome to a world where Familiars choose magic workers, and a few others, as their partners. A world of adventure, tax-deductions, bad publisher tricks, and odd veterinary clinics, where wolverines wear glasses and iguanas sing along with the radio—badly—while casting spells and keeping their chosen humans out of mischief.”

Amanda Green

Nocturnal Origins “Detective Sergeant Mackenzie Santos knows that bitter lesson all too well. The day she died changed her life and her perception of the world forever.It doesn’t matter that everyone, even her doctors, believe a miracle occurred when she awoke in the hospital morgue. Mac knows better. It hadn’t been a miracle, at least not a holy one.”

Sarah Hoyt writing as Elise Hyatt

Dipped, Stripped, and Dead “Unfortunately, as has come to be her expectation, things go disastrously wrong. She finds a half melted corpse in a dumpster. This will force her to do what she never wanted to do: solve a crime.

Life is just about to get crazy… er… crazier. But at least at the end of the tunnel there might be a relationship with a very nice Police Officer.”


The Lawdog Files “LawDog had the honor of representing law and order in the Texas town of Bugscuffle as a Sheriff’s Deputy, where he became notorious for, among other things, the famous Case of the Pink Gorilla Suit.”

James Young

Acts of War is the first novel of the Usurper’s War series, which charts an alternative World War II. As young men and women are forced to answer their nation’s call, the choices they make and risks they take will write a different song for the Greatest Generation.”

Rob Howell

A Lake Most Deep “In the midst of his journey, however, he finds himself pledging his sword – and his life – not to the Emperor but to a lowly innkeeper. He swears an oath to discover who kidnapped and murdered a young and innocent girl. He finds himself unraveling a conspiracy that could threaten the very foundation of the Empire.”

LA Behm II

Hero’s Lament “Sanford of North March, knight in the service of King James the Bold, thought he’d be going to war with his sovereign against the enemies of the realm. Instead, he was sent to shore up the defenses of Drake’s Pass, a vital, yet under defended pass into the kingdom. In the end, things are not what they seem, and only the appearance of a noble champion can save the day.”

Scott Huggins

A Doctor to Dragons “The Dark Lord’s favorite dragon is constipated. Dr. James DeGrande, veterinarian and orc-slayer, is going to have to deal with it. This one could get messy.”