Odd Prompts: Design of Ages


A very short snip of nothing in particular, but I did get something written. 


“Despite being warned, the child continued to stack block on top of block.” 

She followed the direction of Dr. Brown’s gaze. He was staring up at the alien architecture that crawled up the side of the cliffs. 

“What?” Jenny pushed her hair out of her eyes, then shaded them with her hand. The blue sun was dropping towards the edge of the plateau above them, but the shadows were not yet falling. 

“I’d say the hubris of man, but humans didn’t build that.” He swept a hand toward the rubble that had fallen over untold years as the structure slowly gave way. “I am somewhat reassured that we’re not the only species in this galaxy arm to dare much and fail.” 

“Did they fail?” Jenny was still looking upwards. “They built a beautiful city, and lived in it. Raised babies here, for generations.” 

“You think?” Dr. Deshai Brown wasn’t looking at the ruins, but at her, now. She caught his intense stare in her peripheral vision. 

“Well,” Jenny hesitated, gathering her thoughts. She’d made the assessment on her gut, but Dr. Brown wanted more than that. “Look, you can see the stylistic changes as they built up and over. Where it looks all like seashells? Then there’s the more smooth rounded curves, like they decided ornate details were just too… too.” 

“And all of that on top of the squared geometrics nearer the base. Very good, Miss Crelle.” 

Jenny felt her cheeks burn with a blush. It wasn’t easy to get his approval. 

“What do we do now?” She asked.


This week’s prompt came from Padre with “Despite being warned, the child continued to stack block on top of block.”

I prompted Leigh Kimmel with “The precision of a scientist” 

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