Publishing schedule and stuff


So I was sitting here looking at what I’ve gotten done this year, what’s coming next, and that sort of got me thinking… 

I kicked off my year with a story for Valentine’s Day in Hearts’ Enchantment

The was followed by a sword-and-sorcery tale in When Valor Must Hold  in March 2020

Release of The Violet Mouse happened in July, as I started planned ramp-up toward a new novel release. 

This month (August, for the time travelers) saw the  long-awaited release of Supernatural Streets, with a new Amaya Lombard story in it. 

Next month, September 1 if all goes to plan, I’ll have a fun SF story about chickens in a crazy and wonderful anthology about… Chickens of the Apocalypse! 

The month after that, my birthday month, I have a Halloween Tale of sorts planned, a long short story (11K words) to be released probably in early October. No cover yet… No title, either. The working title was Cemetery Caretaker. 

And then! In November, the Big Deal. The East Witch comes out. A brand new novel of Underhill, set in the time immediately after Dragon Noir (actually takes place with a small overlap at the end of DN) but with almost none of the same characters, so it is a stand-alone book. The hunter becomes the hunted… And Baba Yaga is poised to make a power play. 

Also in November? Maybe October? I’ll release Inktail, Too, the second of my coloring books. 

Right now I have nothing planned for December. Which means only one thing!

That’s when I could put the Hatrack out in the wild. 

Ok, 2020. This is going to be the best year ever for my publishing!